5th Year Celebration

A lot of things could have gone wrong: typhoon Juan was making a landfall up north at 9:00 A.M. as first announced. It was a super typhoon, packing winds of up to 250 km/hour. Metro Manila and several surrounding provinces including the province of Rizal was declared to be in storm signal number 1 early in the morning. Preschool classes were officially suspended in affected areas. Storm clouds covered the sky from the moment of dawn. Rain was imminent and we had a parade planned.

Three days earlier, the typhoon was announced and we became worried it will abort our parade. Prayers began to be said for a favorable weather. Many of our kids were getting excited, others sleepless. It seems like every major activity and program has a way of making them all fired up. Understandably so because even the parents are also getting psyched up. But with the threat of a typhoon in the horizon, I believe, the chorus of small voices filled the heavens with petitiions for a specially delivered weather, just for this day. It came all wrapped up in cool wind, shady outdoors, and a P.S. note: have fun, My children.


That's exactly what we had when the 5th year celebration of Eastbridge kicked off yesterday, Monday, October 18. All thanks to God. A colorful parade of Eastbridgers in their United Nations costumes for Nursery students and the Mr. and Ms. Eastbridge contestants in their designated sports outfits for Kinder, Preschool and Grade school students caused an early-morning traffic on the way to Monte Brisa covered court. But I'm sure the townfolks didn't really mind. In the midst of impending calamity, a little celebration, can have a calming effect.

This Monday program is just part of the week-long celebration, many of which are in-school. The culminating activity will be another parade and a cheer-dance competition on Friday. It will be a blast since the parents will have their participation then.

Pictures of the finished events are already in our Facebook page.